Sunday, May 15, 2011

Repair LCD monitor (soyo topaz s)

This is going to be a step by step on fixing a Soyo Topaz S lcd monitor. This particular LCD has a bad power supply and is a common problem with many LCD's. This will probably relate to other models but not have the exact same steps.

The first problem that has to be addressed is finding a new PSU. The only source that I have found is through and search for m24e14. An easy way to purchase is using the site, they are somewhat of a "middle man" for which is a chinese ebay type of website. If you use google chrome you can have it automatically translate the chinese site for you so you know what you are looking at. You enter the website of the item you want and use the checkout. It is an exact replacement for your bad power supply, the one they shipped me was actually better than the original.